It’s been a while! What’s new?

The last time I posted on my blog was May 10, 2019; between then and now many things have happened in my life. I graduated college with a degree in Psychology, I started working for a non profit organization as a Campus Pastor and Development Manager, and got married in December 2020!

So what else is new?

The summer of 2020 was my least favorite summer ever and I bet you could guess why (*cough* covid!). While boredom and even depression set in and people lost ideas on how to keep their minds out of the mental slouch that followed, putting together jigsaw puzzles really saved the day for my in-laws and me. It also provided an opportunity to unplug and escape from the daily non-stop information overload we encountered. In short, putting puzzles together played a vital role to our mental and even physical health. A jigsaw puzzle requires your full attention and therein lies the magic. Everyone from tweens and teens to millennials and overworked parents to seniors are returning to this quiet pastime of childhood.

Despite all the craziness going on last year (2020), I made a prototype for a game that I created—SA’A PUZZLE! It was created to boost the fun that could be had in putting puzzles together. In fact, within the last two years, I have created two tabletop game. As a result, I started a board game brand for my game ideas: GameNight Productions!

Kickstarter Campaign

SA’A PUZZLE is a tabletop board game that’s 90% probability and 10% strategy. A jigsaw puzzle is typically slow paced and could be time intensive, but this Pent-shaped puzzle game will be more enthralling and competitive. I am launching a Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, May 19th 2021. My desire is to make this game available to be played by family and friends by Christmas (or even sooner).

For more details about the game and the Kickstarter campaign, please visit GameNight Productions!

Thank you!

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